Silicon MEMS


Calorimetric gas sensors

Immediate detection of combustive gases and organic vapours below the Lower Explosion Limit (LEL)  by pellistor-type microsensor array is developed and characterised in our Laboratory.

Tyre-integrated shear force sensor

In the frame of the SE2A ENIAC project the MFA MEMS Lab in close cooperation with WESZTA-T Ltd developed a tyre integrated shear force sensor using the Si 3D force sensor in a special package integrated on the sidewall of the tyre.

Capacitive pressure sensors

The pressure sensors and transducers transform the induced force in a sensing area to displacement or mechanical stress. Our silicon based capacitance pressure sensor with the range under 1000 mbar was developed in co-operation of the MFA and Weszta-T Ltd.

THz detection by thermopile antennas

Joint research of MTA-SZTAKI & MEMS Laboratory on the development of a THz detector based on MEMS fabricated thermopiles acting as diploe antennas.


Tactile sensor

Fabrication and packaging of a piezoresistive 3D force sensor with integrated CMOS circuitry.

Proton beam micromachining

Demonstration of the capability of proton beam writing and porous silicon micromachining combined in a unique way. Joint research of MTA-ATOMKI and MEMS Laboratory.