Research, Development, Manufacturing and Characterization

  • Pellistor type gas sensors for flammable gas detection
  • Tagouchi type gas sensors
  • 3D vectorial force and tactile sensors for automotive, robotic and medical applications
  • Capacitive pressure sensors
  • Calorimetric flow sensors
  • Microbolometers
  • Microthermopiles for temperature monitoring
  • Thermopile antennas for detection of THz range radiation
  • Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW) devices
  • Optical detection of dissolved gasoline in ground water
  • Development of optical sensing in near-IR range
  • Cortical and deep brain elevtrodes for monitoring neural activity - NeuroMEMS
  • Microfluidic devices, Lab-on-a-Chip systems
  • Nanopore based biochemical sensors for multi-parametric biomarker detection - BioMEMS
  • Semiconductor Nanostructures - NEMS
  • E+GRID system