Microtechnology Department

Research, development and system integration of micro- and nanosized physical, chemical, bioanalytical sensors and systems.

Fundamental research on:

  • Sensing principles;
  • Novel materials and nanostructures;
  • Novel 3D fabrication techniques;
  • Ion-solid interaction for supporting MEMS development.

Research and development of physical, chemical/biochemical sensors and integrated systems: 

  • R&D on micropellistor-type gas sensors, 3D force sensors, thermal sensors, gas flow sensors, using CMOS compatible and related techniques - MEMS.
  • Development of novel microfluidic systems, their application in new fields of biochemistry - BioMEMS.
  • Development of Si- and polymer based sensors for biomedical applications with special focus on neuroscience - NeuroMEMS.
  • Synthesis and characterization of quasi-one-dimensional semiconducting nanostrucrures, semiconductor nanodevices, their integration into functional sensors, optoelectronic and photovoltaic devices - NEMS.

Modelling, structural and device characterizations:

  • Electrical characterization;
  • Thermo-mechanical characterization;
  • Scanning Microprobes;
  • Ion beam analysis;
  • SEM, TEM, EDX;
  • Spectroscopic Ellipsometry;
  • Functional tests.

​Operates the CMOS compatible Si technology line, unique in Hungary.