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  • Fekete Z, Hajnal Z, Márton G, Fürjes P, Pongrácz A: Fracture analysis of silicon microprobes designed for deep-brain stimulation, MICROELECTRONIC ENGINEERING 103:pp. 160-166.(2013)
  • Fekete Z, Pongracz A, Marton G, Furjes P: On the fabrication parameters of buried microchannels integrated in in-plane silicon microprobes,MATERIALS SCIENCE FORUM 729:pp. 210-215.(2013)
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  • Horváth ZsJ, Basa P, Molnár KZ, Jászi T, Pap AE, Molnár Gy, Dobos L, Tóth L, Pécz B: Charging Behaviour of Metal-Nitride-Oxide-Semiconductor Memory Structures with Embedded Si or Ge Nanocrystals,NANOSCIENCE AND NANOTECHNOLOGY LETTERS 5:(4) pp. 513-517.(2013)
  • Horváth ZsJ, Basa P, Molnár KZ, Molnár Gy, Jászi T, Pap AE, Effect of location of Si or Ge nanocrystals on the memory behavior of MNOS structures, PHYSICA E - LOW-DIMENSIONAL SYSTEMS AND NANOSTRUCTURES 51:pp. 104-110.(2013)
  • Kárpáti T, Kulinyi S, Végvári R, Ferencz J, Nagy A, Pap AE, Battistig G: Packaging of a 3-axial piezoresistive sensor with backside contacts,MICROSYSTEM TECHNOLOGIES in press:p. in press. 7 p. (2013)
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  • Pécz B, Baji Zs, Lábadi Z, Kovács A: ZnO layers deposited by Atomic Layer Deposition, JOURNAL OF PHYSICS-CONFERENCE SERIES 471:(1) Paper 012015. 4 p. (2013)
  • Petrik P, Pollakowski B, Zakel S, Gumprecht T, Beckhoff B, Lemberger M, Labadi Z, Baji Z, Jank M, Nutsch A: Characterization of ZnO structures by optical and X-ray methods, APPLIED SURFACE SCIENCE 281:pp. 123-128.(2013)
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